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Mastering Your Pitch Offer

If you are a CREATIVE you are an ENTREPENEUR and if you are an ENTREPRENEUR you are a CREATIVE, which means in order to share your greatness with the world you need to sell your ideas by first learning to MASTER YOUR PITCH.

Many of us Creative/Entrepreneurs have subconscious (or conscious) mental blocks around “pitching” and “selling” ourselves.  If you’re anything like me, these two words used to feel so sleezy. I was like, “Can’t someone just see how amazing my ideas are and just give me money?” HA! It doesn’t quite work like that…at least not in the beginning.

The truth is that I didn’t value myself to think that someone should give me money for my ideas and this was subconsciously coming through my pitch. I was sabotaging myself without me even realizing it.

If your ideas are not converting to the kind of  transactions you want, then you might be sabotaging yourself and it’s time to stop if you’re ready.

Pitching is not just about what you say but how you say it. Do you believe it? Does your body language, clothing style, intonation of speech, spirit, all convey to the potential buyer/customer that YOU are someone they should invest in?

MASTERING YOUR PITCH is a program designed to help you get out of your own way so you can start PITCHING and SELLING the sh*t out of your AWESOME and DOPE ASS ideas.



6 Private Group Coaching Sessions

Includes Lesson Plan on to How to structure Your Pitch, Industry Expert Do’s & Don’ts & Weekly feedback on the performance to improve your pitch as well as industry expert tips.

1 Private 1hr video call with HaJ  to refine your pitch and discuss colors and wardrobe that best compliment your presentation –

Access to private FB network -

Access the lesson plan ANYTIME from ANYWHERE –

Access to future discounted products and services to grow your career including inside industry knowledge.