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For the longest time I was afraid to purse a career in television as a writer, even though I’ve always been OBSESSED with television.

However, actually writing for television always seemed really intimidating.

I thought there was some secret class or meeting that I had missed where people who were “special” got selected to write for TV.

It took longer than it really need to for me to realize that it was just about taking the first step, which was investing myself to learn the process.

Today, I’m super hyped to have shared my process with countless new writers, creatives and accidental storytellers how create and develop their own TV shows with my 30 Days to Write Your TV Script.

So, if this sound like you and you are ready to take the first step to creating your vision, get your copy of 30 Days to Write Your TV Script now!

In 30 Days, You Will Have a Complete First Draft of YOUR first TV Script

What You'll Get

  How to Get Unstuck & Unleash Your Dope Ass Idea for the Screen

  How to Identify the Story You Really Want to Tell for a Sustainable Television Series

  How to Build Compelling Characters to Keep Your Audience Engaged

  The Secret Mind-Blowing Ingredient in Every Script

  How to Master Story Structure

  The Key to Writing Riveting Scenes & Dialogue

  How to Format Your First TV Script

  Free Writing Tool & Training to Help You Learn How to Format Your First TV Script

  How to Protect Your Work

  Post Writing Plan on How to Improve Your Writing for success before taking it out into the world!


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Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring your idea out of your head and onto the page by creating your TV script in 30 DAYS!

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Here's What Folks Be Sayin'

Nicole Valentine,
Executive Producer, Creator & Host of Empower Lunch as seen on ABC network

"HaJ coached me to develop my first TV Bible which became a nationally aired TV show that led me to multiple opportunities in the entertainment industry. She has coached me from concept to compelling content, giving me tools and exercises to better reach the heart of my work for greater impact. Blessed to have HaJ as a coach and friend. Looking forward to what we do next together. With HaJ, there are no limits." @nicolevalentinetv


Autumn Jimmerson,
Writer & Executive Showrunner Assistant, 

"HaJ is someone who gets both the internal and external challenges that come with being a creative. Like Erkyah Badu, HaJ understands that we artist can be sensitive about our shhh…HaJ meets you where you are, all while believing in where you can be. I felt safe and supported in my interaction with her which allowed me to be transparent with fears and dreams. Her ability to be empathetic with your struggles coupled with her “tell it like it is” approach is empowering." @autumnjoy007


S. Tia Brown
Senior Lifestyle Editor iOne Digital

"HaJ is an awesome creative partner. She's a dynamic leader who embraces an authoritative leadership style and the collaborative process whole-heartedly. She's diligently dissects ideas to maximize impact, develops efficient systems for execution and has a diverse pool of resources. She listens. She researches. She builds. HaJ is creative, savvy and fun. I happily worship at the House of HaJ." @tiabrowntalks


Farah Allen,
CEO of The Labz

"HaJ is a guru as a coach. She teaches from the inside out, helping you to develop your skills at the core level. HaJ helped me find new perspective with my approach to my projects which recently help me to land two huge business deals! Thanks HaJ for helping me to get to the next level in my career. “ @thelabz_tech


Tamika Longino,
Director of Brand & Creative, Paper Soup Media

"Real, Practical Advice! HaJ was so incredibly helpful! The tips provided made both getting started AND finishing feel achievable. HaJ as an instructor is funny, relatable, and informative and truly understand the plight of creative writers. HaJ manages to give advice without judgement. In fact, her tips could probably help just about anyone staring down the barrel of a monstrous project."


Daresha Kyi,
2019 Emmy Award-winning Director “Trans America”

"HaJ is an artistic tour de force whose ability to seamlessly switch hats is a standing testament to her talent, intelligence and versatility.  As a writer, director, producer, actress, host, wife and mother she wears many hats easily and effortlessly and inspires you to do the same. HaJ understands the highs and lows of an artist's life and gives solid, well thought out advice laced with compassion and her one-of-a-kind, incredibly infectious sense of humor.  The bright light of her keen insights will safely guide you through the creative wilderness on your journey to success." @dareshakyi


Tamika Guishard
Writer/ Director & Founder of Guishard Films

"HaJ is someone with incredible foresight. Her multifaceted knowledge of the industry endows her to be a go-to for counsel on everything from script development, locking picture to sound design to résumé organization. HaJ was the first to articulate the need for there to be a specific sonic component in my film to help voice the main character's craving. HaJ's early observation of this missing element, ultimately led to enhancing the visual storytelling. Haj is able to see the big picture in ways that artists can sometimes miss, especially when we are too far in the weeds. Collegial and candid, she is a treasured asset to any team!"


Jen Bradwell
Feature Film & TV editor

"HaJ has a magical ability to make you feel like the best version of yourself. She is both a force of nature and a gifted collaborator. Since her track record and sensibilities span writing to directing to acting, from comedy to social justice to sci-fi, she quickly homes in on your unique goals and gets you excited for taking the next steps. Just a warning: be prepared to get shit done through fits of laughter."


Jaunice Sills,
President of Black Women Film Network

"HaJ coaches from a place of passion and energy that is one-of-kind. Every time we partner with HaJ, she helps us to attract a sold-out audience where she generously shares her expertise from working in film and television as a writer, director, producer and performer."


Ashleigh Awusie

"This has been an incredible journey. Never even thought about writing a tv/screenplay till the challenge popped up and the pandemic left me jobless. Writing is powerful. Looking forward to the next draft and the next episode. What a pleasure Asharah Rahim. Congrats all we did it!!!"


Emana Rachelle

"APOLOGIES for the long post....

First of all, this accountability group has been the .💣💣💣 I got behind and owe y'all some receipts, but I'm happy to say I finished my first solo, pilot of 36 pages (Comedy) and it's all because of this group and our motivating leader HaJ House 🙌🙌🙌❗❗ If only I could stick to my weightloss challenges like I did this writing one. This process has helped my ear and perspective so much as an actor and I'm grateful.💕"


Adrienna Carter

"This 30 Day to Write Your TV Script Class helped me break through story/plot holes I had and I compiled a second draft 😊 HaJ worksheets helped so much with digging deeper into my characters. I figured out what my story wasn't so I can understand what it was."


Afua Boahene

"The 30 Days to Write Your Script Challenge was a truly phenomenal opportunity for me. I had no formal media, television, or script writing experience just pages of dialogue and elements of an idea that I thought would make a compelling story. By participating in HaJ's 30 Day Challenge, I gained a solid understanding of how to approach writing lessons, worksheets, exercises, and Facebook live check-ins. HaJ really guided and directed us with intentionality towards producing the first draft of our script. I would highly recommend the 30 Days to Write Your Script Challenge to anyone remotely interested in writing for commercial television."


Melissa Houghton, 

Executive Director at Women in Film & Video

"HaJ delivered an empowering, interactive, informative program, How to Write Your TV Script in 30 Days Without Confusion, to Women in Film & Video (DC) as part of our ScriptDC Filmmakers Conference. She presented a clear outline of how people can get their ideas on paper and suggestions for finding your writing tribe. Earlier, she had been part of a panel co-hosted by SeriesFest and we were delighted to have her back. She is the type of role model and advocate that we are honored to promote."


Who is HaJ?

HaJ is an Emmy nominate & Award-winning content creator who has created, develop, produced and licensed original content to networks including ABC, CBS, Vh1, Disney and most recently sold a half-hour comedy with her writing partner Dahéli Hall (Netflix’s Dear White People, Grace & Frankie, MADTV) that is currently in development at BET Networks with Pacific Electric (Ed Helm’s company producing).

HaJ is a winner of the Just For Laughs “From Set to Screen” competition. Her work has been featured at Series Fest, The New York Television Festival, IFP Film Week and listed on HBO’s “Top 10 projects to watch.”

She is the creator of the award-winning stage-show "Funnel Cake Flowers & The Urban Chameleons," which debuted in NYC Off Broadway. This innovative live show has been featured in The New York Times, Essence Magazine, Rolling Out, Variety Magazine, and NPR; and lauded as “George C. Wolfe’s Colored Museum for Millennials."

Critics have lauded HaJ for her innovative approach to new media and in 2013 Madam Noire named HaJ one of the Top 15 Tech and Branding Gurus. HaJ worked as part of the feature film development team for Sony Picture’s Red Wagon and Brillstein Grey Partners.

In 2019, she served as the Senior Producer for the digital division of TV One (iOne Digital) where she opened up the Atlanta offices and oversaw video production and content development for the pop culture division.

She received her BFA in Acting from Carnegie Mellon University.

Connect with her on IG @hajtherichidea and Linkedin.